Administrative Assistant & Bookkeeper:

Summary: To provide secretarial, office, financial, and administrative support for Killarney Park Mennonite Brethren Church and hospitality to callers/guests.

Reports to: Pastor

Position Type: Part-time, 24 hours/week with a 30-minute unpaid break each day. 

Compensation: $25.53 / hr plus benefits

Duties and Tasks:

1. Administration
a. Receive incoming calls to the church office in a genuine, friendly, and courteous manner and provide helpful information as appropriate; take messages or re-direct calls as requested.
b. Provide administrative support to the Pastor and ministry councils to assist in carrying out their assigned duties and responsibilities.
c. Scheduling, communicating, and coordinating church affairs w/ church staff and councils.
d. Generate documents transcribed from written instructions or minutes taken at meetings.
e. Prepare, photocopy, compile and distribute materials needed for church services, business meetings, board meetings, retreats and other events, as required.
f. Prepare promotional materials, information materials, and education and media materials as appropriate to continue to improve the communication from the ministry councils to the participants, other staff, and the church.
g. Update and re-print congregational directory periodically.
h. Manage inventory control of office supplies to include purchasing of equipment, goods, and services to KPMB, including maintenance of office equipment.
i. Communicate with Prayer Chain and Pastor prayer and/or visitation requests/needs.
j. Prepare and submit annual reports to Canadian Conference of MB Churches (CCMB) and MB Herald offices.
k. Attend church business meetings.
l. Report to and liaise with Properties Committee regarding maintenance of premises and facilitate the use and/or rental of church facilities including documentation, building supervision, rent collection, etc.
m. Accommodate any other tasks assigned by the pastor and/or councils to support their work as requested.

2. Bookkeeping
a. Receive and record congregation tithes and rental monies.
b. Record and prepare cheques for reimbursements and payments.
c. Review monthly/quarterly/annual financial statements and account reconciliations/balance sheets.
d. Prepare monthly financial reports for the Board, Pastor, and individual ministry councils.
e. Prepare for and cooperate with those appointed to perform a yearly audit of financial records.
f. Process payroll bi-weekly in concert with payroll service in addition to update payroll information as needed for KPMB and Preschool Staff prepared by the Canadian Conference of MB Churches.

Skills, Knowledge, Abilities and Commitment
• A commitment to good interpersonal relationships, teamwork, and support of church ministries.
• Knowledge of customer service techniques.
• Strong organizational skills; ability to multi-task and handle requests from multiple sources.
• A commitment to confidentiality regarding all account records, both church and staff, and the members.
• Self-starter, proactive to take on projects, independent thinker, work independently or with a team.
• Ability to record fiscal data and manipulate data to generate financial reports and documents.
• Attention to detail and precision in account reconciliation and report generation.
• Knowledge of database accounting and management principles.
• Knowledge of applicable accounting laws and regulations.
• Knowledge of basic mathematic and accounting skills.
• Knowledge of computers and software application programs.

To apply, please send your resume and cover letter to office@kpmbchurch.org. Closing date for applications is June 6, 2023.