What We Do

You can get more information about these ministries from the church office: 604-437-9638 or email office@kpmbchurch.org.

Sunday Morning Services:

Meet with us Sunday mornings at 10:30 AM at Killarney Park Mennonite Brethren (6426 Kerr St.)  Double check the Calendar to make sure there’s service this week!

Every service includes some variation of:

  • Worship
    Sing and praise the lord
  • Prayer
    Pray for everything happening around us
  • Teaching
    Take in a biblical message from either Pastor Sherman, Pastor Nick, or another fantastic speaker!

For Children

  • Killarney Park Preschool:
    For children of ages 3 and 4. See more information.
  • Sunday School:
    Runs fall, winter and spring for children and youth
  • Summer Children’s Program:
    Our last summer children’s program was a pile of fun and well attended. See you all back next year!

For Youth

  • Killarney Park Youth:
    Find out more about our youth ministry from the office: 604-437-9638 or email office@kpmbchurch.org.
  • Sunday School:
    Specially oriented for youth; runs fall, winter and spring
  • Summer Service Project:
    Our last service project was at the Gleaners in Abbotsford.

For the Young at Heart

  • Women With Purpose:
    Our church’s women’s group, Women With Purpose, meets Fridays at 9:30am from September to June.
    See the latest invite.
  • Amazing Greys
    Our church’s senior’s group, Amazing Greys, meets on a semi-regular basis for excursion and fun events!
    See more
  • Small Groups
    Bible studies are held in the church or at various homes in the city. In these gatherings we eat together, study, share, pray and support one another


  • MCC New Foundations:
    Led by MCC British Columbia, and partnering with Killarney Park church, this is a group of new Canadians involved with learning English, learning skills in a computer workshop and growing a community garden.
  • MCC Refugee Food Bank:
    The MCC Refugee Food Bank is held at Sherbrooke Mennonite Church in Vancouver on Thursday mornings between 9:30 am – 12 noon. See the food drive details. Killarney Park shares in the ministry of the Food Bank along with several other Mennonite churches. This Food Bank is unique in that we provide not only food to our recipients but also almost everything to help set up a new household.
  • Place of Refuge: Killarney Park church also supports the Place of Refuge, a transitional house caring for recovering addicts in south east Vancouver.

Recurring Events

  • Canada Day Block Party:
    Typically every July 1st
  • Ladies’ Christmas Tea:
    A special afternoon for the women of the congregation.

For Everyone

  • Christianity Explored:
    Contact us if you are interested in a new Christianity Explored class.
    You can contact us at the church office (604-437-9638) for more details.